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  • Finally, solve your odor problems.
  • Lasts up to 8-10 days!
  • Powerful Waste Tank Treatment for RVs, Boats, Campers, and More.

Shipping – to the lower 47 States. Not available for purchase in CA.

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Bio~Squirt is a black water and gray water waste tank treatment product that stops odors and neutralizes odors in RV's, Boats, Campers, Airplanes, Tour Buses & Portable Toilets. Bio~Squirt odor control eliminates odors, is easy to use, and environmentally friendly. Owners of RV's, sailboats, and motorboats / yachts are using Bio~Squirt made by Lenzyme (wastewater treatment manufacturer) to treat their black water and gray water tanks. This is an odor neutralizer that encapsulates the odor and doesn't allow it to escape. Bio~Squirt destroys the odor with enzymes and bacteria. This is NOT an odor masker. Odor masking products only last for 1 to 2 days. Bio~Squirt odor control is known to last up to 8/10 days. One or two squirts are needed to maintain until your pump out or dumping is scheduled. Bio~Squirt is not only to control the odors but will help to maintain and clean out the tanks. Bio~Squirt will help to prevent clogs. The bacteria will eat away on the waste that gets stuck in the tank bottoms, corners and on valves. Keeping your tank clean and fresh smelling. Odor control in black water and gray water tanks is an age-old problem. Bio Squirt was developed and tested in the real world over a two-year period to control odors and keep waste tanks clean in RV's, Boats, Campers, Airplanes, Tour Buses, & Portable Toilets, and Septic Systems.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

4 bottles / Trial 2 bottles

1 Large Bottle

Is about 1/2 season worth of product.


Product should be used within 1 year.


by Lenzyme Inc. in the USA.

2 reviews for Bio~Squirt

  1. Eric G.

    Love it! Best product for odor control I’ve ever used!

  2. April

    The small bottles are very convenient. I poured some in the kitchen sink drain, some in the shower drain, some in the bathroom drain and the rest in the toilet, so easy.

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Shipping to the lower 47 States. Not available for purchase in CA.

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8 Treatments per large bottle. Low cost per treatment!

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