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This is just a note to tell you how pleased we are with Bio-Squirt waste tank treatment. We are Snowbirds and winter in our RV in central Florida. In the past, we used tablets. This winter we have been using Bio-Squirt.

Our typical dump cycle has moved from 5 days to 7 days. On the 7th day we are dumping due to tank capacity, not odor.

As recommended, 6 squirts into the empty tank, and 2 squirts at 5 days. We also use a squirt in our kitchen sink drain to freshen it when odor is present.

Bio-Squirt is superior to any product we have used thus far. We highly recommend it.


Randy & June

Bio~Squirt has been a game-changer for our seasonal travel trailer.

Every weekend, after emptying the black tank on Sunday, we add 6 squirts of Bio~Squirt. When we return the following Friday, our camper still smells fresh and there are no odors coming from the tanks!

It has made a noticeable difference, and we can’t help but recommend it to fellow campers around the campfire.

Bio~Squirt has become an essential part of our camping routine


Nicholas & Betsy

We tested Bio~Squirt on several large yachts including my own boat. We are very pleased with how well this controls odors. The product was very easy to use and lasted a long time. We now carry this in our marina ship store. When it comes to head odors, it’s our go to product for our customers.



Bret V.
Owner, Hi Seas Marina

We used Bio~Squirt while dry camping this last winter season. It was added to our black water tank and both grey water tanks. The 35 gallon black water tank received 6 squirts, each 35 gallon grey tank received 2 squirts of the product. The black water tank usually started to vent an odor after 2 weeks. Whenever this occurred 2 additional squirts were added. That eliminated the odor. We typically dumped black water every 3 weeks. Grey water weekly. We were very pleased with Bio~Squirt, used it from November to mid April of this year. The winter season in Arizona was unseasonably cool, not sure if warmer temperatures would have made a difference.


Clint & Barb

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Available in 16oz bottles or single dose bottles.

Encapsulates Odors | Maintains Waste Tanks

Last up to 8-10 days!



How does Bio~Squirt work?

Bio~Squirt works by neutralizing odors in RV and boat waste tanks. Its proprietary blend of all-natural bacteria and enzymes encapsulates and breaks down odor-causing organics, effectively eliminating odors and keeping your tank fresh-smelling for up to 10 days.

Can Bio~Squirt be used in drain lines?

Yes! Bio~Squirt helps to eliminate those nasty sink/drain odors. Its versatile formula helps maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your drain lines.

Does Bio~Squirt help with floats and valves in black and gray water tanks?

Absolutely! Bio~Squirt is designed to assist in maintaining floats and valves commonly found in black and gray water tanks. It helps prevent issues and keeps these components in good working condition.

How long does the effectiveness of Bio~Squirt last?

Unlike fragrance-type products that only provide temporary relief, Bio~Squirt stops odors and prevents them from escaping. It offers long-lasting effectiveness, providing continuous odor control until the next treatment.

Is Bio~Squirt septic safe?

Yes! Bio~Squirt is septic safe. It can be safely used in your home septic and drain system without causing harm or disruption to the septic system’s functionality.

How should I use Bio~Squirt in my RV or boat waste tank?

Simply add the recommended amount of squirts of Bio~Squirt to your RV or boat waste tank after emptying it. Follow the usage instructions provided on the packaging for optimal results.

Can I use Bio~Squirt in other applications?

Yes! Bio~Squirt can be used in all types of waste tanks, such as; campers, airplanes, tour buses, portable toilets, home septic systems, etc.

Is Bio~Squirt environmentally friendly?

Yes! Bio~Squirt is made with an all-natural, environmentally friendly blend of bacteria and enzymes. It provides effective odor control while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Can Bio~Squirt be used in both RV and boat waste tanks?

Yes! Bio~Squirt is suitable for use in both RV and boat waste tanks. Its powerful formula works effectively in these specific environments to eliminate odors and maintain a clean and fresh-smelling tank.

How often should I use Bio~Squirt in my waste tank?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Bio~Squirt regularly. The frequency of use may depend on your specific needs and usage patterns. Follow the instructions on the packaging for guidance on usage frequency.

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