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Bio~Squirt is a powerful and effective boat and RV waste tank treatment produced by Lenzyme, Inc., the leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment products for septic waste, drain cleaning, and wastewater treatment plants.

Bio~Squirt was developed over a period of time to fix the age-old problem of odors in RVs and boat waste tanks. Bio~Squirt neutralizes odors by encapsulating them and breaking down odor-causing organics with a proprietary blend of all-natural, environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes.

Not only does it help keep your tank clean and fresh-smelling, but it can also be used in drain lines to keep them clean and draining properly. Bio~Squirt also helps maintain floats and valves commonly found in black and grey water tanks.

Unlike fragrance-type products that only mask odors and last for 1 to 2 days, Bio~Squirt encapsulates odors, stops odors, and does not allow them to escape. The product is septic safe and can be used in your home septic and drain system for treatments.

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a cleaner, fresher tank with Bio~Squirt.


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8 Treatments per large bottle. Low cost per treatment!

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